How to Make Her Squirt

Alright, enough with theories and anatomy lessons. Here’s where you’ll learn how to make the magic happen! Follow the instructions below and you’ll be well on your way to giving her a mind-blowing, squirting orgasm. Let’s get started…

First Things First

Before you get started, let’s take a look at a few things to greatly increase your chances of giving her a squirting orgasm. Some of these might sound like common sense, but squirting orgasms are exciting stuff so it’s easy to forget some of these important preparations:

1. Know your stuff. Before you go hunting the G-spot, it only makes sense to know where it is and how it works. Since you’re reading this site you’re already way ahead of most people. Just make sure you’ve read The G-spot page and know the location and anatomy.

2. Have the right attitude. Putting pressure on her to have a squirting orgasm is the surefire way to make sure she doesn’t. So enjoy the ride no matter what, have a sense of humor, don’t be goal oriented, and just basically be cool. She’ll dig you for it and it’ll greatly improve your chances of giving her a crazy, G-spot orgasm.

3. Keep it clean. Not the sex, silly! That should be as dirty as you want. We’re talking about your hands and fingers. Nothing will end the fun faster then catching her sensitive bits with a stray fingernail. Make sure your nails are clipped short, and your hands are squeaky clean.

4. Encourage communication. We’re not talking about a Dr. Phil session here. But it’s extremely important that she knows that she can tell you what she likes. Many women don’t speak up because they are either too shy or afraid of hurting your feelings. Ensure that doesn’t happen by letting her know up front that you encourage feedback.

5. Be aware of the mess. We don’t recommend laying down your expensive silk sheets for this project. You might want to have a few towels handy as well.

6. Have lubrication handy. Even if she’s producing natural lubrication it never hurts to have some handy just in case. Purchase individual lubrication packets if you’re too embarrassed to have a half-empty bottle of lube around.

Set the Mood

Women are complicated (yet wonderful) creatures with constantly changing moods, hormones, and emotions. It can be hard for her to have a G-spot orgasm (or any other orgasm for that matter) if she’s distracted with the worries of the day or just generally not relaxed and in the mood. Here are a few things that can help.


There’s no need to get cliché, but low lighting, some soft music, and a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere go a long way towards getting the G-spot party started. Also, and we’re by no means suggesting that you both get sloppy drunk, but it’s a proven fact that a bit of alcohol can loosen her up. A long bath with a glass (or two) of her favorite wine can speed up the relaxation process drastically.

Get Her Aroused

Note: Foreplay is extremely important for a squirting orgasm. The G-spot won’t even be enlarged and ready for stimulation if she’s not thoroughly aroused.

Start with a sensual massage with lots of oil. This will relax her, get her blood flowing, and help to build intimacy. Massage her entire body for a half an hour or so. Try to stay away from her hot spots if you can (breasts and butt are fine).

She should be getting turned on by now. Amp it up by deep kissing, nibbling her kneck, or whatever she really enjoys. Go ahead and stimulate her clitoris with your fingers or mouth until she’s bucking her hips and begging for you inside of her.


Ok she’s hot, bothered, and begging for it? Time for the main event!

Firstly, find a comfortable position for both of you. Her lying on her back with her knees bent usually works quite well. You can kneel in between or knees, or sit on either side of her. Make sure you’re both comfortable because you might be staying in this position for a while.

Stimulate the G-spot

Ok, here we go. Below are some of the most effective methods to find and stimulate the G-spot. Keep in mind that these are tried and true. But don’t be afraid to experiment and have some fun!

Method 1: “Come” Hither

First, we’ll start with the most basic technique for finding and stimulating her G-spot.

1. With your palm facing up, slowly insert one or two fingers into her vagina about one-third of the way in (or to the second knuckle).
2. You should feel a spot on the front wall of her vagina that is lumpier, rougher, or more ridged than the surrounding area.
3. Start with a gentle “come hither” motion and slowly increase the pressure and speed as the G-spot swells.
4. Find the location and pressure that she likes the most and give her more of it!

Note: When you first start stimulating the G-spot, she might feel slightly uncomfortable or have the urge to urinate. This is a fairly common occurrence, but should soon fade away and be replaced with increasing pleasure.

Method 2: Running Man

If you’re still experimenting with pressure and motion, you may want to try the “running man” method. It’s very much like the first method above, except instead of moving both fingers together you move them separately in a running motion. This doubles the pace of stimulation and also hits both sides of the G-spot. Just keep the pressure firm and the motion controlled…you certainly don’t want her to feel like you’re just wiggling fingers randomly.

Method 3: Window Washer

Run your fingers side to side, like a window washer, over the body of the G-spot. You should be able to notice how the G-spot dips on each side and creates a something like a gutter between the body of the G-spot and the vaginal wall. She may really enjoy this method of stimulation.

Method 4: Hard & Fast

This might sound hilarious but sometimes (depending on how much pressure she likes) your wrists and fingers can actually get tired from stimulating her G-spot. What can we say? Some women like it fast and hard.

But don’t worry if your gal is one of these. We have the perfect technique to ensure that you don’t wimp out.

Simply put your two middle fingers together and bend them in to your palm like you are about to do the “heavy metal horns”. Instead of bringing your thumb in, leave it pointed out and insert just those two fingers with the rest pointing down. This allows you to use your whole arm and shoulder to help move your fingers, all while keeping them perfectly aligned on her G-spot.

Orgasm Time

Initially, it may take more than 30 minutes of stimulation in order for her to have a G-spot orgasm but it’s worth every second.

When she does have one, trust us you’ll know. Her vagina will contract violently, so violently, in fact, that it may feel like she’s trying to push your fingers out. Also, just like a good clitoral orgasm, a G-spot orgasm will cause her to pant and moan loudly. Unlike a clitoral orgasm however, A G-spot orgasm is much more likely to lead to multiple orgasms.

And, of course, a G-spot orgasm may make her squirt ejaculation all over everything. So bring a raincoat!

Go With It

We mentioned earlier that you should gently work through any initial discomfort she may have. But be sure to consider her feelings and reactions carefully the entire time. Does she want firmer pressure? A little lower? A little faster?

Also, keep in mind that if she doesn’t normally have G-spot orgasms she may not have one on the first try. But if that’s the case, don’t fret. Becoming focused on a sexual “goal” will put unnecessary pressure on her and make it almost impossible for her to have any sort of orgasm.

But with a little knowledge, some patience, and a lot of practice, you’ll be able to consistently give her the most remarkable, mind-blowing orgasms she’s ever had!