Squirting Orgasms 101

Also known as “female ejaculation” or “gushing”, squirting is a fun, sexy, and wonderfully messy side effect of G-spot orgasms.

Women who have these squirting orgasms describe them as incredibly intense, full body experiences. Many are so overwhelmed by the experience they describe it as “emotional” or even “overwhelming”.

A short history lesson

Not so long ago, testimonials such as the ones above would have been unheard of in western society. Female ejaculation and the G-spot were simply not public knowledge. Even worse, ignorant doctors would try to “cure” women who “suffered” from female ejaculation.

That wasn’t always the case. Ancient Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures not only believed in the existence of female ejaculation but also celebrated it for its sexual and healing qualities. Even Aristotle and Hippocrates were aware of female ejaculation.

Fortunately, modern science, and society in general, has come full circle and is now at least somewhat comfortable exploring the G-spot and squirting orgasms.

What exactly is female ejaculation?

Uneducated people might mistake female ejaculation for urine but they would be wrong. It’s actually a silky, mucous-like fluid that bears more resemblance to male ejaculate than urine.

What causes squirting orgasms?

As the G-spot is stimulated by a skillful lover (keep reading and this can be you), the surrounding tissue slowly fills with ejaculate from her prostate gland. As she orgasms, contractions of the pelvic muscle cause the fluid to “squirt” forcefully through the urethra. Fluid volume (and G-spot size) varies in amount from woman to woman.

The science of squirting is covered in more detail on The G-spot page.

Are all women capable of squirting orgasms?

All women produce ejaculate but that doesn’t translate to squirting orgasms. In many cases for women who don’t forcefully ejaculate, the fluid may be seeping out and mixing with her normal vaginal lubrication.

Many women have even trained their bodies to hold back ejaculate as they mistake the feeling for the urge to urinate.

It’s going to be your job to help her get to the point where she’s comfortable enough to let go and allow herself to experience this mind-blowing orgasm.